Life Story

My family and I started attending FBC Groveland in the fall of 2020 and we have truly found a home with people that love the Lord and love our family.


Growing up I had alot of instability in my life but the one constant that I could count on was the church and then later when I was old enough to understand, the Lord was that constant. Now with a young family of my own it was important to find a place that felt like home and would nurture that same spiritual development.


One thing that stuck out to us when we visited FBC and you will notice too is that there is a giant lit up sign on stage that simply says JESUS! That struck me as special, in a world where churches try to conform and lure in people with new programs or fads they were more interested in declaring in the first few seconds of being in the building what they were about and who they were doing it for.

Hope for FBC Groveland

My hope for FBC Groveland is that we are a place that continues to put JESUS first, foremost and in the center of everything we do. I don't want a church that cares more about programs than people, I want a dynamic church in Groveland that is focused on fulfilling it's mission for Christ living out that calling from the youngest child to the most seasoned saint!